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10Pearls Wins Gender Diversity Award for the 3rd time in the P@SHA ICT Awards 2019

We are thrilled to announce that for the third time in a row, 10Pearls has won the P@SHA ICT Award for Gender Diversity, held on September 21, 2019. The Awards recognize the achievements of Pakistani innovators hence, acknowledging creativity, innovation and excellence in Pakistan’s Information and Communications Technologies sector. 10Pearls is the only company to have won this award for three consecutive years, a clear demonstration of the company’s continued commitment to gender diversity.

Winning the Gender Diversity Award is a matter of great pride to us, because it solidifies and acknowledges our commitment to diversity. Our company’s core values emphasize on cultivating and nurturing talent, irrespective of gender. Since its inception in 2004, 10Pearls has consistently worked towards introducing initiatives and building a culture where a gender-diverse workforce is recruited, fostered and celebrated. Since 2010, women employees at 10Pearls has increased from 15 to 100+ and they currently form 30% of the workforce (the number is consistently growing). They are excelling in all departments, levels and roles, including project managers, leads, architects and even hold a place in the Board of Directors. Moreover, the attrition rate of women employees is half of that of men, indicating that women find the workplace safe and conducive to their growth.

To encourage gender diversity, 10Pearls has myriad programs and initiatives in place. These include flexible timings, extended maternity and marriage leaves, on-site daycare, Toddler’s Learning Center, fitness classes, gym facility, prayer room etc. 10Pearls has also launched and supports various women-empowerment initiatives such as Women Tech Quest (a coding, testing and design competition for women), CodeGirls and TechKaro (platforms to train and provide internships to girls coming from less-privileged socio-economic backgrounds).

10Pearls has always conscientiously worked towards providing a safe environment and inclusive work culture. We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities by eliminating gender pay gap, and providing work-life balance, merit-based recruitment and promotions, travel opportunities and a healthy, progressive environment.

10Pearls is proud to be considered a top destination for women in tech. If you would like to learn more about our hiring practices or our dedication to growing a diverse workforce, please contact us here.