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How Women-centric Events Empower Women

In the past 5 years, there has been an increase of women in STEM fields in Pakistan. However, the gender gap is still significant and much work needs to be done in order to encourage women to enter, stay and grow in different science and technology fields. Women-centric events such as Women Tech Quest (5th edition to be held on April 3, 2021) play a key role in women empowerment and contributing in the overall growth of the tech industry.

Women-centric and women-led technology events bring together unique resources and opportunities for women. Here are six ways they empower women and why you should be a part of them.

1) Identify Your Allies
Career opportunities are often very different for women, as they have to juggle managing family and work-life balance. Tech companies that organize/sponsor/endorse women events are clearly committed to empowering and enabling women in technology. When you attend a women-centric event, you get to identify these companies, and you can later potentially partner with them for different initiatives, or even work for them and advance your career!

2) Engage in healthy competition
Events that host contests and competitions are an excellent platform to engage in healthy competition. They teach you how to be more focused on the task and not only complete it quickly, but also accurately. Tech competitions like WTQ which focus on multiple areas such as coding, testing and design are an excellent platform to build and test your strategy, composure and execution.

3) Connect with Influential Women
Women-centric events invite influential women as speakers/panelists. Attending such events provide a chance to connect with these women and learn from what they have to say. Their experiences and journey can help challenge and improve your perspective, better understand your strengths and weakness, and inspire you to invest more in your growth.

4) Network with the Right People
Networking plays an important role in advancing your career, especially when moving towards leadership roles. Women-centric competitions and conferences enable you to connect with like-minded seniors and peers. Events like Women Tech Quest allow you to branch out, form new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

5) Content that Resonates With Women
Women-centric events bring forward topics that resonate better with women. Speaker sessions, and especially panel discussions, are a great way to ignite candid conversations about different issues that affect women at work. They encourage dialogue regarding diversity and inclusion, and give a platform for women to express their opinion freely.

6) Celebrate and Champion Women
Women-centric events are a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and aspirations of professional women. They provide a platform to learn from trailblazer women, inspire your peers and juniors, and improve your own skills.

If you are a woman in tech and wish to showcase your technical and analytical skills – be it through coding, testing, or design – sign up for Women Tech Quest 2021! Held online, the competition is for women across Pakistan. It is absolutely free to participate in, and offers all the benefits mentioned above – plus exciting cash prizes and giveaways. Registrations are currently open, so sign up now!

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