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Invoke your inner Frida Kahlo and bring on to screen the craziest, most disruptive designs! Hold no bar this year, and let sky be the limit for your creativity in this UX design competition where your design process is your biggest secret weapon. Exhibit your approach towards user research, user persona building, user flows and wireframes and paint this world with a palette of your aesthetic.

Participants will be given a theme to design the User Experience (UX). They will be judged on their design process, as well as on the uniqueness of the end product.


This is an online competition hence all participants will require a laptop and a strong internet connection.

Participants should have pre-installed software on their laptops. Recommended Installations: Adobe XD/MS Office.

You are allowed to use your own stock images.

Total competition time is three hours.

Participation is on individual basis.

Design mentors will be assigned to participants by the WTQ’21 team.