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Hey Pixels Queens, the wait is over!

Women Tech Quest -aka- the biggest women-only design competition in Pakistan, is back.

And this time, it is bigger and better than before with just the right amount of challenge to keep you on your toes.

Women Tech Quest ’23 Design leg is calling upon all the women designers with an itch for entrepreneurship to scratch it and win big!

You will be competing to design an exciting theme and exhibit your approach towards user research, user persona building, and wireframes AND introduce the world with a UI/UX Model.

The deliverables for the UI/UX design contest would be:

Student Category


  • User Research (UX):
    • Define your Idea (What you Offer, Target Audience) 
    • User Personas
  • Wireframes 50%
    • Design Process (Sketches, User Flows, Low Fidelity Wireframes, etc.)
    • User Interface (High Fidelity Designs)

Professional Category


  • User Research (UX)
    • Define your Business 
    • User Personas
  • Wireframes:
    • Design Process (Sketches, Doodles, Low Fidelity Wireframes, etc.)
    • User Interface (High Fidelity Designs)
  • Prototype
    • Interactive prototype (Linked Screens)
    • Viewable Prototype Link

Your entries will be judged on your design process, as well as on the uniqueness of the product.


The competition will be onsite at 10Pearls, all participants are required to bring their own laptop and charger.

Internet connection will be provided to all attendees.

Participants should have pre-installed software on their laptops. Recommended Installations: Adobe XD/Figma/MS Office.

You are allowed to use your own stock images.

Total competition time is 3 hours.

Participation is on an individual basis; you cannot register in a group.