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If you have awesome coding and analytical skills, participate in the Coding leg of WTQ. Use any programming language of your choice to solve logical, algorithmic and data structure-related challenges. This will be a timed competition, so your race is against time – and of course other brilliant minds!

To ensure a fair game, the Coding Competition will be divided into two groups: Students and Professionals.

Which competition to register for?

Student: Register for this competition only if you are in your final year or are a fresh graduate with up to 6 months of working experience. The challenge will focus on your problem-solving and database skills

Professional: All coders with a working experience of 6 months or more can register for this competition. The challenge will focus on problem solving skills, database design and architectural concepts


This is an online competition hence all participants will require a laptop with a strong internet connection

The competition will be on an online portal, you can code in any of the following languages of your proficiency i.e. C, C++, C#, Python, Python 3, Java, Java 8, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, Scala, JavaScript, SWIFT, Kotlin, Go

Tip: it’s recommended to install the respective IDEs for faster debugging purpose

Total competition time is three hours

Participation is on individual basis; you cannot register in a group